The Rise and Fall of Oldsmobile, a Division of General Motors.  




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In a career with Oldsmobile for 40 years, Bob Horvath tells his story in PROJECT 2000 of Olds' collapse from being the #1 best-selling car in America from 1970-1985 to going out of business in 2005.

The Oldsmobile Division of General Motors sought to destroy small dealers through what GM called “PROJECT 2000,” the systematic elimination of small dealerships by the year 2000, and to consolidate sales at large auto-malls. Yet the project back-fired and it was Oldsmobile itself that suffered, along with all of its dealers.

From 1970-1985, the Olds Cutlass was the #1 selling car in the U.S.A., and during those years, GM's Oldsmobile Division was described as the #1 most-sought-after franchise in the world, according to Automotive News. As a result of disastrous business decisions, Oldsmobile became a dinosaur of early 21st century business as of October, 2005. Why did this happen?

In his first-hand account of his career with Oldsmobile for over 40 years, Horvath presents facts that spell out an answer found in malice and corporate greed. Horvath’s book, PROJECT 2000, is the story of one heck of a brave man through the rise and fall of Oldsmobile, a division of General Motors.

This is not a story of another businessman getting the shaft by company headquarters. It is a story about good loyal people, athletic, intelligent, and admired for their character. Particularly, Horvath’s book tells the story of his courageous and beautiful wife, Evelyn, as she helps Bob through subsequent litigation against GM and negligent attorneys, while fighting her own fight--hers against cancer and without the COBRA insurance coverage required to be offered by GM.  

PROJECT 2000 tells a tender yet tough story that...

American business is people, the abuse of whom leads to collapse of business itself.


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