The Rise and Fall of Oldsmobile, a Division of General Motors.  




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We hope you will purchase Robert Horvath's book for an auto dealer's first-hand (insider's) viewpoint with expert knowledge and facts, including hundreds of documents, that spell out the answer as to why "Oldsmobile went from BEST to WORST in 20 short years and became the dinosaur of early 21st century business in October, 2005."

General Motors' so-called secret PROJECT 2000 was "a business disaster and a precursor to many problems that GM faces today."  This book will provide you with some insight into why GM now only makes 13% of the cars in the world, when they used to make 1/2 in recent years, and why GM has lost its #1 rank thus becoming the #2 car-maker for the 1st time in 76 years.

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